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I’m Sarah Berry

I help entrepreneurs turn a creative hobby into a profitable home-based business.

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You didn’t land here by accident, and I’m curious, have you ever had anyone ever tell you “hey, you should sell that,” but don’t have any idea where to start?  Are you overwhelmed with how to take your product or service and transition it from a hobby into something that could actually earn extra moneyTired of the 9-5, and ready to take action on that small, quiet voice keeping you up at night thinking “there’s gotta be something more?”  Do you already have a creative business but wonder how you can expand?

Take it from a girl who has been All. Those. Things.

No matter where you are in your journey, I can teach you how to take your product and/or service from “just” a hobby to a profitable small business, starting right from your kitchen table.  No cubicles, morning commute, or pantyhose here, my friend.

You, me, your idea, and a hot cup of coffee.  I’m ready.

Are you ready?

Create. Connect. Grow.

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Courses & Membership

It’s time to up-level your game…the easier way! Dive in to one of these relatable, step-by-step mini-courses that will help you learn to take your creative product and/or service to the next level. **Warning – may cause expanded comfort zones, measurable business growth, and heightened personal achievement!  Proceed with extreme EXCITEMENT!!**


The Sarah Berry Show; a place where business meets real life.  Join this small town, biz-building mama of two, as I bring you an inspiring mix of topics, people, and strategies that will help you take action on your biggest dreams, and encourages you to define what your version of “success” looks like!  All my best info, all in a way that works best with your schedule!!

Creative Coaching

Do your friends and family love you, but not actually understand what it is you want to do?  Are you on the brink of taking your idea to the next level, but are stuck on what that “next level” should be? Need a sounding board? A co-pilot? A mentor, or coach? Then, let’s grab a cup of coffee, sharpen our pencils, and get you on the path to that breakthrough you desperately need!

Episode 014: The Gift of Presence with Millie Barra

Episode 014: The Gift of Presence with Millie Barra

Well, friends….it seems the holidays are once again upon us, and it certainly feels like they have a different feeling of “intensity” this year!  We are in the midst of supply chain issues, shipping crunches, labor shortages, etc., etc., and it’s easy to get caught up...

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Episode 013:  The Crossing Guard

Episode 013: The Crossing Guard

Join me as I reflect on a normal, everyday part of my morning routine that took an interesting “twist.”  Gifts come in the most unlikely places, and I witnessed a tiny, fleeting moment that changed the course of my day in an instant!! The holiday season is in full...

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Episode 012: Planning Your Social Media

Episode 012: Planning Your Social Media

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner who gets a sinking feeling just hearing the phrase “plan your social media posting?”  How about the idea of knowing that posting at least once per day on your business account is the very least you should be doing as a...

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