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Sarah Berry & Company has been featured in the Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Crafts 2022 AND 2023 magazines!! 

It’s an amazing honor and I’m excited to share these gorgeous felt wreath designs with YOU!!

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Happy 4th of July from our "dugout" to yours! Summer is all about baseball at our house, and our days are filled with all that goes along with playing the greatest game on dirt....in the greatest country on earth!!
God bless the USA, those who fought (and are fighting) to protect Her, and may we never take for granted the reason we celebrate the freedoms we enjoy every day! How are you celebrating today?

Hey, baseball fans!! Where are my taxi drivin`, snack packin`, knicker bleachin`, umpire yellin`, sideline cheerin`, sunflower seed sweepin`, jersey wearin`` baseball moms?!!! If you`re eyeball deep in fundraising for your favorite sluggers like I am, boy, do I have a "homerun" of an idea for you!!
My two ball players are in the throes of an Allstar baseball season, and we are crunched for time to raise funds for a potential trip to the Senior League regional tournament in sunny California if they win the Wyoming State tournament in 9 days from now!!
It was time to take off the ballcap and put on the thinking cap, and get creative with our teams` traveling bakesale. As a baseball-loving family, we constantly throw around (pun intended!) quotes from our favorite baseball movie, "The Sandlot," so it only seemed right to take a page from The Great Hambino`s playbook and make a "heater" kind of treat for the bakesale. So, I came up with the easiest recipe ever - S`more Cookies!! After all, how can taking chocolate chip cookie dough and combining it with a campfire-classic S`more ever be a bad thing, am I right?!
So...to my fellow baseball moms out there....don`t be an "L 7 weenie," and comment the word Smalls to get your FREE copy of the printable S`more Cookie tag you see pictured in this reel. But hurry...like a high dinger over the center field fence, it won`t be here for long!!
It`s a two-year running, Grand Slam of a favorite recipe in the world of bakesales, so I have your back, sister!! And, remember, our cars will not always be full of baseball gear or the players we love who wear it so proudly, so let`s make the most of these crazy summers while they last!! I raise my iced coffee and tip my ballcap to you, girlfriend!! Let`s play ball!!
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Happy Memorial Day, friends, family, and friends we have not met yet. God Bless the brave Americans and their loved ones who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. May we never take them for granted, and commit to enstilling in the upcoming generations what a precious and fragile gift life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness really is. 🇺🇲 ...

Good morning, and happy Friday, everyone! I have a new addition to my website shop for spring, and I think you`re going to love it!!
Or, if you`re local and want to snag one in person, head down to @wildflowerandcompany in @downtownrswy today and tomorrow!! Doors open at noon!

Hey, honey!! This beauty of a front door wreath is waiting for you at @wildflowerandcompany in @downtownrswy TODAY!! Or, find it on my website if you`re not local! Will you "bee" there? 🐝 ...

Just when I thought I couldn`t be more excited for spring, my boys started baseball practice this past week....and you know what that means! Summer nights at the ballpark are on the way!!
How cute is this retro-inspired ballpark sweatshirt, anyway? Is there such a thing as too many baseball shirts?? No...I don`t think so either!!
Grab one on my website, or get them in person at @wildflowerandcompany today and tomorrow in @downtownrswy!!
Are you a baseball fan, or do you have ballplayers at your house? Holler back!!

Do you know what`s almost better than a Friday? Cute earrings that say "Fri-YAY!!""
You can find these and a whole selection of FUN teacher-themed earrings today at @wildflowerandcompany in @downtownrswy!! Doors open at noon, and I know you are already thinking of a great educator who would LOVE a pair to finish out the school year with!
TGIF, friends, and thank you, educators....you are the best of the best in my book! ✏️📚🍎

This may be my newest DIY fixation!! I can tell you right now that I`ll be making many more of these... I`m loving how different it is than using a standard grapevine wreath as a base!! Your door deserves something fancy...don`t you think??!!!
Find this one at the @wildflowerandcompany shop
today (while it lasts), and stay tuned for more to come!!

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