Happy October, friends!
We are in one of my favorite months of the year, and in the spirit of enjoying Mother Nature’s “Grand Finale,” I am excited to share some news I’ve been keeping a secret for the past several months!
I’ve had the distinct honor of having my work PUBLISHED in a little magazine you may have heard of before….
Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Crafts!!  Wowza!!
After making and shipping literally 1000’s of my felt leaf wreaths through my Etsy shop, I was contacted by Better Home’s Holiday Crafts Magazine and was invited to be one of their featured crafters!  You can find my classic winter themed wreath DIY there, as well as many other fun projects from other crafters from around the USA.  It’s a true honor, and I’m so excited to be celebrating this crazy milestone in my life and business!
However….this is more than just an announcement about being published.
It is a message to ALL of YOU about listening to that quiet, nudging voice we all have somewhere inside.
You know the one…
The voice that sometimes keeps you up at night, daydreaming at your day job, or always seems to find it’s way back into your thoughts when you allow yourself to finally get truly “quiet.”
Listening to that voice doesn’t necessarily mean you’re supposed to quit your job, move to another city, climb Everest, or make big sweeping changes to your life.  It can simply mean just giving yourself permission to make small steps toward something you’ve been dreaming about.  To pursue an idea you’ve up until now, kept locked away for fear of “what could happen if….”
Success is defined a MILLION different ways, and I hope you’re using your own measuring stick when determining what it means to you.  Life is too precocious and too short to live each day not allowing yourself to grow and stretch a bit beyond your “usual,” and if you’re looking for a sign, a shout, a whisper, or an elbow in the ribs to get going…consider it given.
Being published is an honor, but it’s more about knowing that on the days I really didn’t feel like hot-gluing ONE. MORE. FELT. LEAF, I kept going.  You never know when someone is quietly observing you from afar, and could possibly be inspired from what you have to offer the world.
We ALL have something unique to offer.  All of us!!
Love to you, and know that I’m rooting for you!!  This is a message to keep going!!
Dream big!  Live ON PURPOSE!!
P.S.  If you are out and about and find the Holiday Crafts magazine, please post a pic and tag me on social media!!  I’d love to see how far and wide it goes and would love to see YOUR faces!!
P.P.S.  Interested in making this pretty holiday wreath for yourself?  Go here to find my newly launched kits which includes video instruction from me!
Photos used with permission from Holiday Crafts magazine.
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A Message to Keep Going!!