Used with permission from Holiday Crafts magazine.
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Welcome Holiday Crafters!!


If you saw my beautiful Winter Felt Leaf Wreath in the 2022 Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Crafts magazine…welcome!!  Or, if you’re new to Sarah Berry & Company, let me start by saying how honored I am you’re here!

I’m so excited we found each other because this is the place for all things creative!  So, plug in that glue gun….because we’re going to have some FUN!!


Used with permission from Holiday Crafts magazine.
©2022 Meredith Operations Corp. All rights reserved.

New and Exclusive…

Are you looking for a fun, affordable, and easy DIY for the holidays?!  This gorgeous, Winter Felt Leaf Wreath is just the perfect thing!

In celebration of this gorgeous wreath being featured, for the first time I’m offering a complete wreath kit with all the supplies you’ll need to build the design pictured. We’ve all done this before….why spend hundreds of dollars on excess craft supplies that will go unused, when you can purchase exactly what you’ll need in one simple place?!  A huge time AND money saver, for sure!!

In the kit you’ll receive a PDF instruction booklet with full color, step-by-step photo instructions on how to make this gorgeous design!  It includes full access to the DIY video I created, walking you through every step of building this beautiful wreath.  All the supplies to make one complete wreath are included in the box, with the addition of a shopping list, (with “clickable” links!), in case you decide to make more!  Purchase once, make 100’s of wreaths!!

Finally, you have to option to purchase just the DIY video, but if you purchase the kit, the video is included!!  So, grab your kit and let’s create together!


Coming Soon!

Wreath Kits for all occasions! Sarah has been selling these wreaths for years and she’s now opening her craft space to YOU!

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About Sarah

Well, hey there! I’m Sarah Berry.

I am an entrepreneur, CEO, volunteer, and a support staff to my husband’s small business.  But those are just my official titles. The most important names I go by are “mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend.”  

Although I have had an entrepreneurial “spark” most all my life, I officially started my business in January 2014, with absolutely no clue what I was doing.  Practically by accident, I turned a recipe of elbow grease, blind faith, and a lot of late-night coffee-infused work sessions, into a thriving creative business. I continue my operations from home, and have the distinct pleasure of making 100’s of handmade goods, creating DIY videos & tutorials, and teach in-person craft/DIY courses. I offer 1-on-1 creative business coaching, have a growing podcast, and have even been published in Better Homes & Gardens! What a ride it’s been so far!!

Helping people finally take action on the little voice that has been nudging them to “do something more,” is what really gets me going!  There’s a need for what we ALL have to offer, and in helping people bring a little beaty and creativity back into their lives, I hope to inspire them to take the leap on their own dreams!  Life it too short and too amazing to let it pass without taking a chance on yourself!!

I hope you’ll join me…we’ve got creating to do!

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