The Sarah Berry Show


Episode 002: Learn to Crash

Apr 26, 2021

Today on the Sarah Berry Show, Sarah digs in to how a day trip to a kid’s skate facility inspired a lesson about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. Sarah takes you through a few “pointers” about failing smarter in your business, and not letting a few set-
backs stop your progress. So, strap your helmet on, and join us for this FUN episode about learning to crash!

Are you ready?! Let’s GO!!!

Hit the Highlights
(1:18) Welcome and invitation to listen to the first episode
(3:21) Sarah introduces the topic of “crashing”
(4:21) The funny way God “plants seeds” of ideas
(5:40) “The year of the scooter”
(9:26) The first lesson – learn to crash the scooter
(10:54) Lesson one – Crashing is inevitable
(12:01) Lesson two – Learn to crash correctly
(13:09) Lesson three – Crashing leads to better tricks
(15:24) It’s ok to make mistakes in business – learn from them

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