The Sarah Berry Show


Episode 004: Pricing Your Products

Jun 9, 2021

Have you ever been shopping and seen something and said, “Wow! Why is THAT so expensive? I could definitely make that, or at least find it cheaper somewhere else!”  I think we have ALL been there, and Sarah walks you through a few valuable tips on not only how to price something, but why!

There is so much more that goes into pricing a product or service than just valuing something for the physical cost.  Learn how to equitably price an item and still remain competitive in the process!

If you are an entrepreneur just getting started, or is someone who is already running a small business, this episode is for you!!

Are you ready?!  Let’s GO!!!

Hit the Highlights
(1:11) – Intro and welcome message!
(1:57) – Sarah points out how “sticky” the topic of pricing can be
(2:21) – What Sarah did “wrong” in the early days of her new business
(2:40) – If you’re not embarrassed, you’re not charging enough!
(5:04) – Sarah shares story as an example of why something is so “expensive”
(9:22) – Why pricing products in the handmade sector can have more fluctuation
(10:10) – Tip number one for pricing your goods/services
(10:49) – Tip number two – why it’s important to know your competition
(11:58) – Tip number three – why trying to sell to someone who always wants a deal makes it difficult to scale
(14:52) – Learn the 3 little words that can save you from feeling like you have to say “yes” to a project you don’t want to do!
(16:07) – Why you should say the price and STOP TALKING!!
(16:50) -The phrase that always makes Sarah cringe when she hears it!
(17:27) – Why you should never “charge what you’re worth”

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