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Episode 005: Love Your Brand with Brandon

Jun 27, 2021

Why is branding a term you always hear when the topic of business comes up?  Why is LOVING your brand the most important thing when it comes to choosing the message you want to share with the world?

Join Sarah Berry and the owner and CEO of Brand Mentors, Brandon Crist, as they discuss the key topic of branding as it relates to being an entrepreneur and/or small business owner.  They dig into the reasons why not only have a logo, color scheme, message, etc., is important, but why you should LOVE the elements of the branding you pick for your unique business and make or break your business’s message!

It’s a fun conversation and we hope you’ll get a better understanding of how and where to start, as you either begin the process of branding YOU or if you are a current business owner in need of a brand refresh!

Are you ready?!  Let’s GO!!!

Hit the Highlights

(1:00) – Intro and welcome message!
(1:49) – Sarah introduces her audience to special guest – owner and CEO, Brandon Crist
(3:18) – Sarah talks about how Brand Mentors came along at a pivotal time when she needed to begin branding her business
(3:44) – Brandon talks about how his business, Brand Mentors, got started
(5:49) – Why branding is not defined as just having a logo
(8:01) – Brandon talks about what changed for his business at the $200k mark
(10:02) – Why branding can be defined as what people say when you leave the room
(11:32) – Why you have 5 seconds to grab your audience’s attention and how to make sure you do
(15:13) – Options for getting a website that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars
(16:13) – Sarah presents Brandon with a surprise gift for helping design her website
(17:35) – Sarah talks about why starting small is the most important thing
(18:06) – Brandon talks about why YOU being a part of your brand will make it even more successful
(19:57) – Where can you find Brandon to discuss options for your business?
(20:45) – Brandon answers some fun “rapid-fire style” questions from Sarah!
(24:40) – Sarah concludes with saying that branding is an on-going part of any successful business

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