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Episode 006: The “Big 6”

Jul 7, 2021

Are you an entrepreneur or small business person who has ever felt like you are doing things out of order?  Have you ever wished that there was some sort of secret set of step-by-step instructions that would tell you exactly what things you should focus on in your creative business?

Well, my friend.  You are in the RIGHT PLACE!!

Join Sarah Berry as she walks you through the “Big 6” things you should be focusing on as you start or begin to grow your own creative business.  This episode gives you an amazing snapshot of six foundational topis you can use to help you get established.  And, don’t worry….Sarah tells you how it can all be done right from your kitchen table!

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you are on Sarah’s email list because she is in the process of putting the finishing touches on a larger course that will dive much deeper into the “Big 6.”  It will be THE course you’re going to want to take if you have any desire to finally transition your hobby into a PROFITABLE home-based business!!

Are you ready?!  Let’s GO!!!

Hit the Highlights

(1:05) – Intro and welcome message!
(2:00) – Brief timeline of how/when Sarah Berry & Co started
(3:26) – Sarah invites her listeners to join the waitlist for her new course
(4:25) – Foundational things each business needs to have when they get started
(4:50) –  The “BIG 6” things you need to know as an entrepreneur
(8:59) – Sarah gives a great formula to use for pricing products
(12:17) – When something is marketed well, it sells better than even the competition
(15:33) – What is your promise to your customers?
(16:20) – One of Sarah’s favorite phrases in business
(17:43) – Sarah recaps “The BIG 6” foundational elements of a healthy business
(19:24) – Join the email list to get on the waitlist for the bigger course

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