The Sarah Berry Show


Episode 007: It’s Just a Piece of Paper

Jul 7, 2021

Sarah Berry brings you an exciting announcement about a big transition that happened in her small business.  It is full of inspiration and encouragement for the new entrepreneur, or, more seasoned business owner that might be looking to scale their business.

Join Sarah as she shares with YOU her real-life experience of how starting as an “accidental entrepreneur” has lead to a growing and thriving small business….and, all from her kitchen table!!

Are you ready?!  Let’s GO!!!

Hit the Highlights
(1:05) – Intro and welcome message!
(1:24) – Sarah invites you to listen to the history of Sarah Berry & Company
(2:23) – Sarah gives her listeners “a sign” to get started!!
(3:12) -Sarah mentions a really exciting announcement that was sent to her email list!
(3:45) – “It’s just a piece of paper”
(6:36) – Why being an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like a “dumpster fire”
(7:10) – Sarah lists some sobering statistics about small business success/failure rates
(8:18) – Sarah Berry Designs has a new “flag to fly”
(8:50) – Welcome to the new Sarah Berry & Company, LLC
(10:47) – Why small steps forward in business is a HUGE deal!

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