The Sarah Berry Show


Episode 015: Embrace the Pause

Feb 25, 2022

Welcome to Episode 15 of the Sarah Berry Show Podcast: Embrace the Pause!

Well, friends, we are well into the New Year – can anyone else believe it’s already February?!

This seems like a good time to check in on those goals, New Year’s resolutions, etc., so today on the podcast, I am joined by my good friend and Wholistic Wellness Coach, Millie Barra, as we walk through the ups, downs, “ins,” and outs,” of what we can do when things maybe aren’t going as fast, smooth, or positive as we had hoped.

Millie gives us some valuable insight on how to not only learn how to recognize when you’re having some not-so-good feelings about the way things are going but gives us some practical advice on how to “embrace the pause” in the process.

It’s always great to have Millie on the Show, and I hope you find some wisdom in her message today!

Are you ready?! Let’s GO!!!

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