Happy November, friends!

It’s my birthday month, and I don’t know about you, but does it feel like the holiday frenzy starts earlier and earlier every year?!  I have never been one to decorate early, but in the spirit of celebrating the coming holiday season, as well as the gift of another trip around the sun, I am excited to share some BIG NEWS I’ve been keeping a secret for the past several months!

Last year, I was invited by Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts Magazine to feature my winter-themed felt leaf wreath.  Many of you saw the issue and celebrated with me, far and wide!!  It was so amazing to have so many of you rooting for my tiny little business!

Well, my friends….I’ve had the distinct honor of having my work published for a SECOND time in Better Homes and Gardens!  Somebody, please pinch me!!

After making and shipping literally 1000’s of my felt leaf wreaths through my Etsy shop, I was contacted by Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts Magazine and was invited again to be one of their featured crafters! And…if that wasn’t enough, they did a full-page write up about business!! So crazy!

You can find my Autumn Spectrum-themed wreath DIY in the issue, as well as many other fun projects from other crafters from around the USA.  It’s a true honor, and I’m so excited to be celebrating this crazy milestone in my life and business!

Being published is an honor, but it’s more about knowing that on those days I really didn’t feel like hot-gluing ONE. MORE. FELT. LEAF….I kept going.  You never know when someone is quietly observing you from afar, and could possibly be inspired from what you have to offer the world.  

I want that to be the message I send to you today.  It may sound cliche to say, but DON’T QUIT if you know you are doing the work that you are supposed to do!!  You never know when someone is watching you quietly…observing how you work through the ups and downs of life.  I know that two of the most important people in my life, my boys, are the ones I hope are watching how a little perseverance, faith, elbow grease, and being true to yourself can lead to great things in life!  Thank you, Owen and Evan, for being my “why!”

I’d also like to thank my dear friend and neighbor, Nancy, for volunteering HOURS of her time to work behind the scenes in the production of these popular wreaths. Without her faith, encouragement, and selfless determination to see my business succeed, I would not be able to keep up with orders! THANK YOU, NANCY!! You are so loved and appreciated!!

And, to all of you who support small businesses, thank you for knowing that even the smallest bit of encouragement, purchasing, sharing, or faith, can lift the dreams of people taking steps every day to share them with others!

Keep creating, friends, and here’s to a happy and healthy start to the 2023 holiday season!

All my best, always,


P.S. If you are out and about and find the Holiday Crafts magazine, please post a photo and tag me on social media!! I’d love to see how far and wide it goes and would love to see YOUR faces!!

P.P.S. Interested in making this pretty holiday wreath for yourself? Go here to find my newly launched DIY Video Tutorial which includes video instruction from me!

Photos used with permission from Holiday Crafts magazine.
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