Are you a Creative Entrepreneur?

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?  Well, my friend you are in the RIGHT PLACE!!  

Take this free quiz to find out if you have the true heart of an entrepreneur, or if the stability of working outside your home is more your cup of tea!

What do you think your results will be??

Take the quiz & find out!

Would you say the word “creative” is a strong way you would describe yourself?

If you could choose between a set work schedule, or flexible hours, what would you choose?

Does the idea of coming up with new products and/or services get you excited, or make you want to run?!

Are you able to juggle multiple tasks at once, or do you prefer working step-by-step?

Do you like to take risks and figure out a solution or go for a safe road?

Would you describe yourself as an entrepreneur or as a hobbyist?

Are you self motivated and able to start and complete tasks without the oversight of a supervisor/boss, or do you prefer clear direction from others?

Does the idea of running your own business make you think of possibilities, or does if make you really nervous and feel overwhelmed?

Are you a creative entrepreneur?
Real entrepreneur
Hobby Entrepreneur

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