¨We Can Glue It¨ is the answer to what you need to give this Christmas!


It’s a SUPER FUN community of creative people learning how to make fun and unique DIY crafts and home décor projects. 

In addition, there may be occasional special guest appearances, inspirational topics and resources, and surprise features that are not available anywhere else!  In addition, if you are a member of “We Can Glue It,” you’ll get FIRST ACCESS to Sarah Berry & Company exclusive products available to buy. 


Last Minute Christmas Shopping? But you know something Creative would be a great choice? 

You buy the Gift Certificate for $100 which provides a one year access!

You get your personalized Gift Certificate in your email within 24 hours! 

All the AMAZING things you’ll get as a member of “We Can Glue It:”

  • It’s a creative community unlike anything else out there!
  • Detailed, easy to follow DIY videos with live access to the instructor, Sarah Berry.
  • When you join you get directly 4 DIY videos.
  • Short training video for listing on Etsy
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions to ask anything you’d like about a project, craft, or running a creative business!  (This is one of Sarah’s favorite features!!)
  • Tips on where to get the best supplies for each project, and access to information about Sarah’s favorite resources for starting/running/growing your OWN creative business from home!
  • A break from the everyday stresses of life!  Take much needed time for yourself, and enjoy the community of other people, just like you, that want to add a little FUN back into their lives!
  • A place to show off your own creations and get feedback from other members, inspiration, and solutions for how to grow your skill level!
  • Be the first to know when a new product from Sarah Berry comes on sale.
  • Surprise guest “creatives” will occasionally be joining in on the fun, bringing ideas and inspiration for new projects related to the creative industry!


Live Q&A's with Sarah

DIY Projects & Craft Ideas

Creative Community

Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to the crafting world, is this group for me?

Yes!  Come as you are!  There will be tips, tricks, and projects demonstrated that are good for multi-age/multi-skill level crafters.  This is definitely a “more the merrier” place to be – there can never be enough creativity in this world!!

I want to know more about running a creative business or finding out if my hobby can possibly turn into a business…will this help me?

Yes!!  The live Q&A sessions will definitely be your “cup of tea,” because not only will Sarah be available to answer any of your questions about the fun DIY projects you’ll be doing together, she’ll be sharing some valuable insight about how she went from “just” a hobby to starting a creative home based business…all while juggling a growing young family and busy household!!

What if life gets busy and I no longer have the time to get the most out of the materials offered?

No problem!  We understand that “life happens,” and you are welcome to cancel your membership at any time!  Please note, we do not offer refunds, so please make sure you’re ready to “glue it” before joining!  There will be a lot of resources and group-specific information offered, so we want to honor those that are paying to be in the group and protect that information for people who remain in good standing within the community!

What is the difference between “We Can Glue It” and just finding craft ideas on the internet?

 Great question!  Just like anyone else, I love using the internet to get new ideas, see what is trending in home décor, etc., however, there is not a community element when doing that – and it can feel overwhelming to even know where to start!  When you’re a member of “We Can Glue It,” you not only have access to a growing community of people with similar creative interests, but you can ask questions, get help, learn new tips/tricks you can’t find elsewhere, and you get a much more personalized experience…it feels like hanging out with your besties and enjoying some fun projects together!

What exactly is a “membership site?”

Much like having access to a huge selection of your favorite shows streamed right to your TV, or having a monthly shipment of your most-used household items automatically delivered to your front door, “We Can Glue It” is a fun and organized way to get fresh DIY projects, live creative “coaching,” and community inspiration delivered right to your fingertips!  It’s all in one place, and it costs less than it would if you were trying to hunt down and buy each piece separately!  There are countless ways to find information in our technology-driven world, but it is more difficult to find things in an organized and FUN way that saves time, and builds great community all in the same place…all for less than buying a large mocha latte at your favorite coffee shop, (and, it’s also calorie-free)!! 

This Christmas you will give your favorite person something creative!

The Personalized Gift Certificate will be in your inbox within 24 hours!