Come As You Are

We have a serious problem.

Creative entrepreneurs are not living the life they imagined. If you’re like me, it started as a far off dream to make money doing what you love. Or, trying to create balance in a daily work/life schedule to have more time with family. It maybe even started as an attempt to pursue a bigger creative goal, right?  I hear you! Now, it has become an overwhelming, confusing, up-hill battle leading to burn out, working jobs we are not passionate about, or perhaps even a broken spirit. Do you feel it?

If I’ve learned anything in the time I’ve run a small business, is it takes a LOT of discipline and belief in yourself, especially on the days when it gets difficult to remember the “why” behind it all.  There’s nothing more inspiring than to witness someone living out their life’s purpose, and back when my business was in its idea phase, I knew I wanted a taste of what that felt like. True freedom comes in doing work that matters.

Early on in my entrepreneurial journey, I knew there must be other people, like me, wanting to reach outside of their comfort zones, seeking to live beyond the cookie-cutter path of an 8-5 job. I desperately wanted to stay home with my young boys, but wanted to contribute to my family income in the process.  I joined several groups online seeking to do the same things, and after a lot of searching, finally found one that later became a game-changer for my early-stage business. I had found my people.

After 5 years in business of riding out the ups, downs, wins, losses, struggles, and successes, I have decided to create a community that will hopefully be that creative life-line another entrepreneur is desperately seeking. I want someone to finally find “their people” like I did, at the time I most desperately need it.

It’s time to take an important leap and finally invest in YOU.  I’m inviting you to be a founding member of this unique community.  It’s not about doing more.  It’s not about doing less. It’s about doing well.

Come as you are, and welcome to the first step in the next level of your creative business.  YOU are entirely up to YOU!!


"The process of moving mountains begins with picking up the first stone."

– Sarah Berry

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