Easter Holy Week Card Set


3 in stock

3 in stock

Easter Holy Week Card Set -

This beautiful card set comes with 9 thoughtfully designed cards and a simple wooden stand that can be displayed during Holy Week/Easter week.

Each card has a simple and unique graphic with a description of what happened on that particular day during Holy Week. Each card also has a scripture to reference for each part of the story.  It is a great way to involve your family in the reflective time of the Easter season, while still being a lovely addition to your home decor.

They are printed on a heavy-weight card stock, and will come packaged in a way that could even make them gift-ready for a special person you'd like to recognize.

These beautiful cards recount Jesus's events during Holy Week, and would look nice displayed alone, inside a pretty photo frame, or stood up inside the included wooded block to be rotated and displayed during the Easter season.  There are so many possibilities, and the simple design make them a timeless addition to your Easter festivities.

Thank you for being here, and Happy Easter!


He is Risen!!


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