Easter Holy Week Printable Card Set


Easter Holy Week Printable Card Set -

This beautiful digital download comes with 8 beautifully designed cards that can be printed, cut, and displayed during Holy Week/Easter week.

Each card has a simple and unique graphic with a description of what happened on that particular day during Holy Week. Each card also has a scripture to reference for each part of the story.

Once purchased, you will receive a file where you are able to download and print each card yourself. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PHYSICAL PRODUCT IN THE MAIL. This is a digital file only, but if you are interested in receiving a pre-cut set that comes with a wooden display, please check out the listing in my shop for that item.

These are best printed as 5x7 cards/prints, and I recommend printing on cardstock if possible, so they maintain rigidity when displayed.

These beautiful cards recount Jesus's events during Holy Week, and would look nice displayed alone, inside a pretty photo frame, or stood up inside a wood block to be rotated and displayed during the Easter season.

If you are not interested in printing them yourself, I offer an already printed/cut set that comes with a wooden block for display included.  Or, send it directly to a friend for Easter.  Click here!

Happy Easter! He is Risen!!


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