Outlander Wine Charms


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1 in stock

Outlander Wine Charms -

Are you a fan of the beloved Outlander books or TV series? Do you know someone who is? Are you tired of the long, long days of "Droughtlander" and looking for the perfect way to get you through? If you said "aye" to any of these questions, then these Outlander Wine Charms are just the perfect thing!!

This listing comes with a complete set of 8 different charms...4 to represent Jamie and the other 4 representing Claire. Each of the charms are accented with tiny pieces of natural polished stone...."legend" has it, that they are possibly from the site of Craigh Na Dun? (If only!)

Jamie's collection of charms consist of the bust of a Scottish stag, a whiskey barrel (from Fraser's Ridge, of course!), the country of Scotland, and finally....SAWNY!! Jamie's, beloved snake!

Claire's collection of charms consist of an "RX" mortar and pestle (just what Doctor Randall ordered!), a honey bee (ahem...not be confused with a "honey pot!"), the iconic dragonfly symbol, and finally, a Scottish thistle flower....much like the one etched on the "bathtub ring" that was gifted from Jamie to Claire!

Just like fine wine and cheese, if you pair each of these charms with your favorite spirits, your wineglass will most certainly
thank you! (And so will the guests at your next get-together!)

There is nothing quite like a refreshing sip of one's favorite beverage in the middle of a long adventure traveling "through time," but in case you aren't planning to pass through the stones any time soon, use these charms until you're ready to go!

Beautifully packaged and displayed on a card featuring the wedding vows, they come gift-ready and will make the perfect gift for a most loyal fan!!

Finally, if you're looking for only the "Jamie collection," or just the "Claire collection," reach out and let me know....I'm happy to customize to suit!

Thank you for being here, and from one Sassenach to another....Je Suis Prest!!

***PLEASE NOTE - Due to the custom nature of the item, all sales are final. Please be certain of your selection before making your purchase. ****

©️ Sarah Berry & Company, LLC. All designs and photos are the property of Sarah Berry & Company, LLC. It is a strict violation of copyright law to use without express permission from Sarah Berry.


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