The Sandlot Inspired S’more Cookie Printable Tag


The Sandlot Inspired S'more Cookie Printable Tag -

Where are my other fellow fans of the classic movie, "The Sandlot?"  It almost isn't a childhood unless you've seen that show, am I right?!!  And, it's almost not a week unless someone in your household has said at least one quote from Benny the Jet, Smalls, "The Great Hambino," or Squints!

This classic movie was my inspiration to create a fun printable to pair with a S'more cookie recipe I created to use for my son's Allstar baseball team's traveling bake sale!  And, if you've ever had to fundraise for any type of sports team, dance troupe, youth club, church group, or school activity, you KNOW that finding a quick and easy, but FUN, solution for last minute baking sessions is so important in a busy mom or dad's life!

Once purchased, you will receive a file where you are able to download and print each the tags. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PHYSICAL PRODUCT IN THE MAIL. This is a digital file only.

These are best printed as 4x6 cards/prints (and they have been sized accordingly in the file you'll receive), and I recommend printing on cardstock if possible, so they maintain rigidity when paired with the cookie that is being packaged and handled.

In addition to receiving the printable file for the cookie tag, I have included the recipe for "The Great Hambino" inspired S'more Cookies - FOR FREE!!  All the work - except the baking! - has been done for you, and you'll receive a complete ingredient and supply list to make it extra easy to get a batch made and out the door!!

I wish you all good luck with your baseball/softball seasons, and I hope you won't be an "L 7 Weenie" and will visit again some time soon!  There is always a new "grand-slam" lineup of products in my shop, and I love creating things that make your life and special moments more memorable!!

Play Ball!!!


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Thank you for your cooperation!

The Sandlot Inspired S'more Cookie Printable Tag

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