We believe in the meaningful pursuit of one’s life purpose, while keeping the right mix of work and play.  We believe in the beauty and necessity of seasons, both outside the window and inside in the heart, and the importance of embracing the lessons that come with each passing.

We believe great friends become our chosen family, and that family is unequivocally the most important thing there is.  We believe a home is made by layering things representing joy and hope, and by weaving people, milestones, and memories across each threshold. 

We believe in approaching challenges with common sense, the right tool for the job, and the humility to laugh when you measured only once and have to cut twice.  We believe failure is part of the journey, and learning the lesson so you’ll fail smarter the next time. 

We believe presence is greater than anything wrapped in paper and twine, and the gift of authenticity is sacred and should be shared.  We believe in the power of prayer, and in celebrating even the smallest, but finest moments of sweet accomplishment.  There is never a wrong time to go for ice cream! 

We believe things that happen around a kitchen table are more powerful than any corner office, and some of the grandest ideas found their beginnings sketched a napkin. We believe creativity is a powerful gift, and when partnered with work ethic and elbow grease, can leave people with an experience they’ll never forget. 

We believe there is a difference between “broken” and “broke-in,” and that we all experience both, at one time or another.  We believe people with well-earned wrinkles, and cars with dents and rust tell the best stories, if only we slow down and take the time to really listen to the roads they’ve traveled.  We believe the smartest, most influential, and loving people in our lives are children, and there is no loyalty like that of a beloved old dog.

And finally, of all the pursuits we may endeavor, large or small, the legacy we hope to inspire will be that of a life lived with purpose, on purpose, and with love always as its beacon.

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