1. Spray paint the wood base, wood spindle and the separated embroidery hoops. Let dry thoroughly. (Note: I used a scrap piece of wood instead of a round base for the one in the photo, but I would recommend a round wood base for your project.)

2. Attach the wood spindle to the wood base with a screw. Make sure it is secured well, and that it is exactly perpendicular to the base, (to prevent tipping once the embroidery hoops are attached upward).

3. Attach the largest of the 3 embroidery hoops to the wood spindle with a very thin nail or small screw. Be careful not to split the wood of the hoop since it’s very thin and easily cracks. I’d advise pre-drilling the hole, if possible.

4. Attach the middle sized hoop to the top of the largest hoop by using hot glue. Allow the glue to set up, then, if preferred, apply a bit more hot glue and wrap some twine around both rings to secure them together. This step is not necessary, but I would strongly suggest doing it to make sure hoops remain secure.

5. Repeat step 4 with the last hoop, being careful to make sure that each hoop is positioned exactly straight up and down. This will prevent the crowpiary from tipping over once the crows are added.

6. Open your bag of Spanish moss and grab a small handful. You can start with this small amount…you can always add more, if necessary.

7. Apply some hot glue to the “joint” where the hoop is attached to the spindle base. Press your moss into the glue, making sure to cover the screw/nail and twine wrapping. Make sure to spread the moss over each side of the hoops, as well as allowing it to “creep” up the hoop a bit on each side. This will give it more of a “nest” look.

8. Next, place a small amount of glue on the “feet” of the first crow, then securely nestle him in the moss on the base of the first hoop. Repeat the process with the remaining two crows until you have them positioned exactly as you see fit on each of their designated “perches” on the remaining two hoops.

9. You did it!! You have a very unique and spooky looking “crowpiary” to add to your Halloween home décor! Remember, you have another set of hoops that are left over from the project, so if you buy 3 more crows, another base, and another spindle, you can make a matching piece!! Two of these cropiaries would look really great on each side of a mantle, entryway table, etc!


I’d love to see photos of your completed projects, so please be sure to share! Happy crafting, and Happy Halloween, friends!