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Need a “roadmap” for how to start or grow your home based business?

Coaching and Comradery for Small Businesses

Raise your hand if you’ve taken a bunch of business courses, joined private Facebook groups, paid to be in a membership with people in your area of expertise, attended networking events, or even sought out podcasts for the business version of “self-help.”


Me too, friend, me too.


And, while I gained a wealth of information in many of those avenues, I still found myself feeling “stuck” and very much alone in my business. I had gathered enough information to start taking steps, but what I really needed was a sounding board – a touch point – someone to bounce an idea off – someone who “spoke my language” – a business friend.

While I see the value and encourage people to be in groups related to their industry, I know first-hand that there are still obstacles that pop up along the way – and, for me, being in a group simply wasn’t enough. Having a “co-pilot” would have been invaluable when I hit those roadblocks along the way, so I’ve made it my mission to be that person for you. After all, how can you have Buzz without Woody? Thelma without Louise? Harry without Dumbledore? Snoopy without Woodstock?



Everyone needs a good sidekick!

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How It Works

 Working with Sarah is a breeze!

Schedule a free Discovery call with Sarah. She’ll listen to where you are with your business and help determine the best option for working together – without over selling or under-delivering.

Let’s Get Started!

Discovery Call

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a “biz bestie?!” Someone to bounce ideas off, get feedback on new products/processes before rolling them out, help with marketing strategies, or just have a place where you’re free to “talk it out” with someone who has been in a similar situation, with similar obstacles to conquer?

Jumping on a free 30-minute discovery call with me might be the “one thing” that has been missing as you work toward growing your business or carrying your concept from idea to reality!


What do you have to lose?

30 Minutes with Sarah

  • Meet Sarah Berry and share what you need assistance with.
  • A recommended approach to move forward is provided.
  • An action plan is provided if you are ready to get to work!

Talk Shop with Sarah

Let’s act like we are headed to our favorite local coffee shop on the corner, (you know – the one with the good pastries!) We’ll grab a hot cup of the special of the day, and “talk shop” about what you have going on in your business.

It’s an hour of connecting, dreaming, strategy, and coming up with ways your business can change a few things to put it on a path of growth and visibility!

One hour can change everything!

One Hour with Sarah

  • One (1) hour timeslot
  • Discuss any business topic!
  • Customer Journey PDF is provided.
Custom Quote at Discovery Call

Possible Topics:

  • What is working, new ideas, and plans
  • We’ll dissect the trouble areas – things you’re getting “stuck” on
  • We’ll begin mapping out a customer journey or improve your current process

Strategize with Sarah

Calling all entrepreneurs! Small businesses! Dreamers! Where are “my people!?” Have you ever been rolling along, things are going smoothly….and then….BAM!! Something about your business that used to work is no longer, and now you feel kind of like the wheel on the grocery cart that suddenly decides to “shimmy?!”

It doesn’t matter how much experience, training, mentoring, or coaching you’ve had…sometimes, a good old fashioned brainstorming session with a fellow biz minded person is exactly what the doctor ordered. These strategy sessions are all about rolling up our sleeves and putting our hands right in the dirt.

So, if you need someone to come alongside you and put fresh eyes and ears on your business, then this is a must-do.

two weeks of pure progress!

Two (2) Weeks Access

  • Two 1-hour Zoom Calls (or in person if possible)
  • Email access for project work between calls
  • Goal sheet for completion during the time period
  • Customer Experience Map introduced.
  • The project needs are defined and the progress outline is designed
Custom Quote at Discovery Call

Possible Topics:

  • How things are working and design a “playbook” to define what success means for your business
  • Review of your branding and messaging, and how it carries throughout your business presence
  • Review of the customer experience you’re providing – and optimize it
  • Identify optimizations for your systems and processes
  • Topics/projects/processes that have you feeling “stuck,” and will find a way to put the ball back in your court

Deep Dive with Sarah

Ok. You’ve got the plan. You’ve taken the courses. You’ve mapped the process. The floors are clean. The products are tagged. Social media is queued. You’ve told your family and friends, (and anyone who will listen), and you’re sure “this time it’s going to work.”

However, there is just something holding you back. It would sure be nice to have someone to look things over that knows first-hand what it feels like to put your best business self “out there” before doing so.

Does this sound familiar?

Over the course of the next month, you get to be in the driver’s seat. We are headed on a road trip through your business….and I don’t mean just the scenic route! We’ll cover the good, the bad, and the “potholes” in your biz, and at the end of the month, you’ll have a clearer idea on what biz-baggage to leave behind, not to mention a brand-new play list to cruise with.

So, let’s buckle up, throw on some shades, open the M&Ms, and crank up the tunes…

Let’s Road trip!

One (1) Month Access

  • Four 1-hour Zoom calls (or in person if possible)
  • Email access for project work between calls
  • More in-depth project work
  • Branding audit / Overview completed
  • Marketing tools strategy will be suggested/begin implementation
  • Customer experience processes are identified and steps put into place
  • Ad hoc project needs to be identified and goals discussed.
Custom Quote at Discovery Call

Possible Topics:

  • Branding audit – is your messaging clear?
  • Marketing audit – Do you have all bases covered and how can you improve?
  • Goal Definition – Define and refine your business’s short-term and long-term goals
  • Where are you getting “stuck?” How is your mindset?
  • Customer experience mapping – taking “customer service” and introducing it to its smarter, much cooler older cousin.
  • Digging up the “you” in your business and how to showcase it as your greatest strength.

The proof is in the people…

I picked Sarah to be my business mentor because she loves serving people, she cheers for women to win in business, she is direct, well spoken, a hard worker, enthusiastic, creative, authentic and has a proven track record of over a decade in business. Initially I thought she would just help me with a few things that had me tripped up. Instead, she has helped me go through all my business processes and make them more clear, and more efficient. This has allowed me to spend more time training clients, and less time on paperwork, which is gold. My first bright spot with Sarah was when she told me I was undercharging for my services. This candid talk is why I wanted to work with her. She saw that gap and challenged me to fix it. Right now, we are working on building out my first automated course, my email list, and my website. My favorite memory is when she surprised me with my own “Andrea Johnson Fitness” hoodie just days after we finally nailed down my business colors and logo. That memory still puts a smile on my face! Sarah has overdelivered and provided nothing less than excellent service. She is a great coach.

Andrea Johnson

Owner, Andrea Johnson Fitness

We’ve been working with Sarah Berry for years now. At first, she hired Brand Mentors to help grow her online brand and it turned into an amazing collaboration that’s still happening to this day. I was supposed to be doing the coaching, but she would always make time to ask me how I was doing and provide insight on things we were working on. Sarah has been an amazing sounding board and I’m honored to have her in my corner!

Brandon Crist

Founder, Brand Mentors

I’ve known Sarah for 15 years, and always look forward to my conversations with her. She’s able to strike a unique balance of careful listening while sharing her wealth of experiences and ideas. She quickly pinpoints the core of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder. I always have a plan of action after our time together and am continually inspired to take my business to the next level.

Lacey Mele

Educator & Extension Specialist, Hair/Beauty Industry

Sarah Berry knows her stuff! She was extremely helpful when I needed help understanding the world of selling. As our coach, Sarah has taken the initiative to listen, brainstorm and provide incredible creative ideas to help our storefront succeed.

Meghan Crist

Founder, GlampJoy

Working with Sarah is magical. She has a way of being able to pull out the uniqueness of who you are as a person and your brand just by listening to your vision. She then infuses them together so that your brand reflects your style and flare as an individual. In the time that we worked together Sarah quickly grasped my vision for my business and was able to help me narrow down my personal brand board. Her creativity with marketing strategies helped me come up with a unique way to offer my service in a way that fit me. Working with her was so refreshing and her down-to-Earth personality made the process fun.

Millie Barra

Mom Coach & Energy Healer

The ability to visualize a finished project is a rare quality. The ability to visualize someone else’s dream is a marvel. Sarah Berry, over a cup of coffee one day, was able to take what to me was an “off the beaten path” idea and paint a picture of what could be.

What could be, in a matter of a week became a business with a business plan, logo, Facebook page, brochure, business cards, first customer and first completed job. Soon after would come the supporting items such as email, invoices, thank you gift ideas for customers, product package options and so so much more.
Sarah not only helped me to realize that my idea had real potential, she helped make it a reality and a profitable business. To this day she is still a great resource as a sounding board, guide and coach when I need an outside perspective. Get All Squared Away would not be a business today without her willingness to listen, think outside the box, give advice and most importantly give support and share her knowledge.

Joanie Christie

Owner, Get All Squared Away

As a business owner, getting overwhelmed with all the to-do’s and tasks of running a business is easy. It is easy to overlook your brand and presentation to your customers because we are busy serving them. Sarah Berry understands all that but also the importance of connecting with your customer. Sarah is a great listener and has fantastic ideas for creating impactful connections and relationships with your customers. Her design is impeccable; trendy, yet timeless and it carries forward into her own products and customer touches to extend her brand. I am always motivated and excited after talking with her and I know you will be too!

Erin Schlarb

Owner, Hemlock Strategy + Design

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